Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thoughtful at Yom Kippur

We live in a complex house, family that mirrors our world. It would be simple if all of us were Jewish, especially the same flavor and texture of Judaism. It would be nice if we all treasured the same holidays in the same style, withthe same feeling. Today Ruth, Chris, Liam and I celebrate the solemn day of Yom Kippur - amazing that Liam is already learning different holidays are different and not to offer food to people who are fasting - so much so fast. KK is in San Antonio visiting her mother, brothers, and baby sister. Bob is at school working on catching up with grading and parent phone calls. KK and Bob both respect the Jewish holidays and the mood around the High Holy Days, but what is mine isn't theirs. Tonight after we break our fast Bob will be home watching Texas Tech play UT on TV. I wouldn't probably turn on the TV for a day or two after You Kippur, even though the transition back to the every day is made at sunset. I like to treasure the quiet and contemplative, to move out of it gradually. We are not the same, all of us in this house, in any way, and sometimes that makes me sad. But then I think about the richness of diversity and the lessons in getting along that we sure need in the bigger, even more diverse world. and I'm thankful for the differences among us here at home - safe place to learn empathy and understanding.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A sweet new year

is what we wish for our household and yours. Rosh Hoshannah is for contemplation of the blessings of the old year and the beginning of introspection for the turning and reconciliations which will make the new year even sweeter. Liam in shul,swaying in the aisles, dancing to the music, clapping, resting under his Daddy's prayer shawl, hugging the rabbi, reaching joyfully for challah after the blessings is an inspiration and a delight. Co-housing with KK and Bob here is a little more complicated and also richer. Four adults with strong opinions coaching one young teen can be a little much at times. for us and for her. But the richness has got to outweigh the conflict.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Second Labor Day Co-housing

Last year I remember we were crazy busy Labor Day weekend, Ruth and Chris moving in, furniture all over the place and boxes everwhere, but Chris managed to grill a great dinner and we ate it together on the table in the front yard-no deck back then. This year there is much more order and beauty in the house, Bob is home for good, KK lives with us,and Liam isa big running, jumping, English speaking, helpful, no-saying little boy. Our holiday weekend was a delight with a Saturday family hike at Enchanted Rock, dinner that night at Marie and Bill's house, homework, chores, walks on Sunday, errands and a visit from Joanna today. Ruth cut my hair tonight, such a treat - trimmed it and shaped it a little. The house is full of apples, in preparation for Rosh Hoshannah, which comes early this year.