Sunday, March 6, 2011

From a Distance

    I'm away for a long weekend visiting friends and it is strange to think back on the house with all the family in it - and KK in her little house too.  So much has changed.  Liam is a big little boy, talking, asking, playing, helping.  KK clears the table, even gets tupperware out for food storage and just puts leftovers away without anyone making that her chore.  Bob is putting a garden in, which amazes me since he is still easily sore from workouts. He's also been doing most of the grocery shopping. Chris has been working long hours at schools and tutoring lately, really long hours, much different than a few months ago when he was often home.  Ruth and I plug away balancing out of home and in home tasks and don't have to work at enjoying family.  This co-housing is good, not perfect.  It would be easier to have more space, and I wish we communicated better about mutual needs, but we do pretty well, but there is so much love.