Sunday, April 11, 2010

Deck in progress

I can't get over all the things Ruth and Chris know how to do to build this deck. I never could have taken on such a projsect. It's progressing, complicated. Wood is heavy and expensive. It is going to be a great deck. I can help build best by taking Liam for walks to keep him happy and out of harm's way. Also, lately, he doesn't like the sound of the power tools. Tonight on our walk, on the way home, (thank goodness), he made a little sound in the stroller and I looked down and saw him quietly signing "nurse". He is so sweet, so vulnerable, so much in our care, and learning so fast. I was glad to be able to make his dream come true tonight before he even woke to know he'd dreamed it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Meal on our New Deck

What a treat! We had white pizza with chicken and wine on the partly finished deck - first of many meals out there. It is really coming along fast, though Ruth and Chris say what looks like a lot of wood at the store and feels like a lot loading into the car, doesn't seem like as much in terms of making deck.

Monday, April 5, 2010


We're about to have one - a big one, a big beautiful front deck that Ruth designed and Chris is building. he has been working all day today and there are pilings in the ground and boards on the grass. This is so cool. The deck is not anything I ever would have imagined possible, though I have enjoyed other people's, and now it is happening without my even having to do anything. Makes me so happy. Haviong a deck will make our relatively small house more amenable to entertaining and will also give us all more personal space when the weather is nice, and will make it easier and more fun to take care of Liam, who would always rather be OUTSIDE.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The hardest part

of the co-housing right now is that the two dogs, Duffy and Lobo, don't get along. Lobo is scared of all other dogs, including Duffy. Lobo is also scared of Liam. Integrating Lobo into family life more happily when he and Bob come home this summer will be important.