Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy birthday Liam

A year ago you were born, and a year ago I lived in this house alone most of the time, such a different routine. I love that this house is rich with the sounds and sights of your childhood, your coat on it's hook in the hall, your dog curled on your dinosaur quilt on your bed in the room that's yours now and used to be your Mama's, your laughter, even your cries of frustration when you struggle to push your busy box across the floor and it gets stuck on the mat. I never knew anything was missing. The way I was living a year ago felt just fine (except that the kitchen cabinet doors didn't shut well). Now my life is so much richer (and the cabinet doors shut and stay shut). I would miss your family very much now if you moved out.


  1. Where or where did the year go. So much has changed in your family this past year. Happy Birthday to Liam!