Thursday, July 15, 2010


So much is changing in our Stardust house. I can't even really keep up day to day. For sure Bob is coming home to teach sixth grade at Andrews School here in Austin. We are all thrilled about that, though a little overwhelmed by the work involved in closing the Corpus apartment. Also Joanna's family is probably moving to San Antonio for a work and housing opportunity and K.K. will probably stay with us to continue dancing at Ballet Austin. I find that pretty exciting, but again, there will have to be some structural changes to the house to accomodate her and her stuff - so much happening at once! The atmosphere is good, warm and full of laughter, often following Liam's lead. There is just a lot to do, and probably adjustments in the future for all of us. Life does feel very alive in the midst of so much love.

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