Monday, October 18, 2010

Wiring Accomplished

KK's little house has outlets now and everything in place to be formally lit up, heated and cooled. Chris and Ruth, with much appreciated help from Bill, finished setting the WIRING (correction from firing!) in yesterday. Hooray! Chris says it's by far the toughedst and biggest electrical project he's attempted. I so much respect his and Ruth's willingness to try and competence at achieving all kinds of projects. KK has just returned from aweekend away that included a school lock in (apparently fun for her) and visits with her brothers and baby sister and both parents. Time to go talk to the girl!


  1. I HOPE we didn't put in "firing" yesterday! I have to admit it's a scary typo. I enjoyed setting in the outlets but I still have a nagging "I hope this doesn't cath fire later" worry! (That's why we'll pay the REAL electrician to come out and look at it all later).

  2. OOPS, Ruth Scary typo indeed and not Freudian slip. I have trust in what you and Chris are doing including the double check by the electrician. As I respond here, KK is happily doing math on her bed in her little house.