Wednesday, April 27, 2011


is what this blog has been lately and I don't approve.  I think I've been taking the co-housing life for granted, not chronicling or paying enough attention.   Some things about this life are harder than I expected.  Since Bob moved home and retired unexpectedly early quarters are tight and I feel more anxious than I'd like in a cluttered and disorderly room.  Bob needs the recliner in the room so he can elevate his legs at times and that really makes space tight.  On the other hand, in the evening when I am settling in I have the treat of hearing Liam's little voice raised in the ritual "goodnight house!"  I know that kid, his expressions, moods, syntax, favorite foods, where he likes his orange juice cup to be in the fridge.  That closeness is more than worth the price of cramped quarters for me.  Also treats tonight were sitting out in the lttle house with KK while she arranged costume bits for her show this weekend and kissing Ruth goodnight as she sat at her computer organizing blog pieces.  The disadvantage of co-housing in a small house is that we are in each others' space and the advantage is that we are deeply in each others' lives.

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