Sunday, June 5, 2011


is what I'm trying to do to this and all my other blogs.  I hope some of the rest of you who live in this house will help me out by adding an entry of your own.  The spring was very busy and full of change, getting used to Bob being retired, or mostly retired and all the busyness of KK finishing eighth grade and applying for and getting into the arts high school at Mac.  (Go KK!)  Life in a family with a toddler and a teen and three other adults is very different from the life I had before as a working woman in a long distance relationship with her husband and no daughters or grandkids on board most of the time.  I had lots of time for myself then and used some of it well with writing and exercise and other creativity and self care, that are harder to manage now.  I also read lots of light books and played computer games mindlessly at times.  I wasn't lonely in that life.  It was an easy life.  Life now is less easy but so much richer.  I tend to get caught between the needs of the various people in the house and have to work on boundaries and creative solutions.  That's good for me.  I was an only child and never really learned how to fit into a larger group without giving myself up altogether.  I'm doing better at that now, though it is still definitely a growing edge.  It's good to have such loving people with whom to grow. 

There are some delightful surprises in this life, like the tree house Ruth and Chris built for Liam in the back yard.  And the Wi.  I never thought I would have that popular game system, never wanted to try it, but Ruth and Liam bought Chris one for end of school and early Father's Day and the whole family is enjoying it.  Last night they even introduced me to bowling Wi style.  I was genuinely nervous at first that I wouldn't be able to do it at all, but I manafged fine and had fun.  I am amused that Liam, at two, can already play a video game with great understanding and a little skill.  Playing Wi together had the whole family laughing, something I wouldn't have expected.  Thanks Ruth.

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