Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dinner on the Deck - at the table

Evenings are warm in the house and we are managinb not to turn on the AC yet. Tonight we escaped the stuffiness by eating Chris delicious dinner of risotto with chicken, corn and beans on the deck at the table, with cloth napkins and a candle lantern yet. It's a far cry from our first meal sitting on the as yet to be screwed down boards of a small portion of the deck. Ruth and I bought the last five of the concrete "feet" the deck stands on today, along with eight more planks. There is some wood yet to buy, but not much more before the whole basic deck is present. Then there will be staining to do and railings to build - but it is great to be as far as we are.


  1. I love your documenting the deck in words here... (and sharing it with us in life). I will have to take some pictures tomorrow!

  2. I love picturing all this in my mind!

  3. It must really be fun to experience the changes in the deck from start to finish. I wonder if you will use it in the hottest of months there. Even today HERE yesterday and the day before it would have been too hot to sit out and eat on our deck.. Also wonder if later on you will be bothered by mosquitos or bees at all.