Thursday, May 6, 2010

More deck

Ruth and Chris amaze me with the creation of this deck. It grows and grows. They laid the angle of the stairs today, set the height of the steps. There already is a table and chairs on part of the deck and Liam runs about joyfully during construction, chasing Sarabi, the cat. Weather is beginning to feel summery, not to bad yet. We are managing so far without the air conditioning, and I at least am very proud of that. Ruth has fans in most rooms. We won't last the summer without A.C., especially if we get lots of 100 plus degree days, but we'll do better than other years.Bob and I have been married 21 years today- harder years in some ways than we expected, but years full of growth and love. I never imagined that at this point we'd be making family in the house again with Ruth and her husband and baby. I don't remember what I did imagine. I like what we have. I do hope Bob can come home soon and partake of it full time. At least we will have the summer.


  1. I think you will have a wonderful summer enjoyig your deck. Happy anniversary to Bob and you. And how exciting it must be to 'make family' in the house once again. What a happy post to read!

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  3. What hard work! I am not sure which was worse at Glorieta - the roof or the deck - congrats!
    Love, Joe