Saturday, November 27, 2010


This year has brought so many changes, some we planned and hoped for, like Bob getting a job in Austin and moving home and others, like his leaving the job when it became impossibly stressful, not planned. Yesterday Chris cooked Thanksgiving dinner for himself, Drea, Joanna, Liam, Ruth, Bob and I. It fed soul as well as body, a truly nurturing feast. For a while all of my grandchildren were playing in the backyard at the same time. That felt good. Today we helped Joanna move the last of her belongings out of storage to take to San Antonio. This year has brought so many changes, none of us where we expected to be or doing what we expected to be doing. It is good to have the love we have, the comingled lives, the children thriving. Ruth and I took down Thanksgiving decorations this afternoon and decorated for winter/Channukah, both of which come early this year. I feel the vulnerability of being alive, also the tender sweetness and the sense of Thanksgiving lingering after its holiday.

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