Sunday, April 4, 2010

The hardest part

of the co-housing right now is that the two dogs, Duffy and Lobo, don't get along. Lobo is scared of all other dogs, including Duffy. Lobo is also scared of Liam. Integrating Lobo into family life more happily when he and Bob come home this summer will be important.


  1. Oh dear, I do hope that Lobo and Duffy eventually get along. It took a little while for Violet to adjust to Tulip. I always wished they would snuggle together, but they do not and wouldn't be caught dead doing that. LOL. But I know they do care about each other, despite periodic grouching between them, because sometimes Tulip will 'groom' Violet and sometimes Violet will 'groom' Tulip.It is so endearing to me when I see this. I do think that when Lobo and Duffy spend more time with one another they will find a way to coexist.

  2. I can completely understand this! Our "co-housing" (though much more separated than yours) also included two dogs. Dynamite is definitely a loner, so our hope was for him to just tolerate the frisky, young retriever addition. It took him some time to warm up, but eventually he did! They definitely do not snuggle, either, but Dynamite does much more than tolerate: they even play together outside, and certainly live together peacefully. I think once Lobo is home and they get used to each other and work out all those things dogs have to work out, they will at least come to tolerate (if not secretly accept/like) each other.

  3. Thanks Mary and Mary for the comments about our unhappy dogs and your happier dogs. Encouraging!