Monday, April 5, 2010


We're about to have one - a big one, a big beautiful front deck that Ruth designed and Chris is building. he has been working all day today and there are pilings in the ground and boards on the grass. This is so cool. The deck is not anything I ever would have imagined possible, though I have enjoyed other people's, and now it is happening without my even having to do anything. Makes me so happy. Haviong a deck will make our relatively small house more amenable to entertaining and will also give us all more personal space when the weather is nice, and will make it easier and more fun to take care of Liam, who would always rather be OUTSIDE.


  1. I love that it is in the front! Does that mean it will be like a front porch? Oh, hopefully neighbors will walk by and you can get to know your community more. You may start a trend! Love you, Heidi

  2. I do love this blog, Victoria. That Liam is SUCH a cutie--I can really see you in both his mother and now him. I lost the link to his blog for a while and am so glad to have it back!