Sunday, April 11, 2010

Deck in progress

I can't get over all the things Ruth and Chris know how to do to build this deck. I never could have taken on such a projsect. It's progressing, complicated. Wood is heavy and expensive. It is going to be a great deck. I can help build best by taking Liam for walks to keep him happy and out of harm's way. Also, lately, he doesn't like the sound of the power tools. Tonight on our walk, on the way home, (thank goodness), he made a little sound in the stroller and I looked down and saw him quietly signing "nurse". He is so sweet, so vulnerable, so much in our care, and learning so fast. I was glad to be able to make his dream come true tonight before he even woke to know he'd dreamed it.


  1. Fun reading about the progress on your deck. I look forward to seeing a photo of it along the edge here! It will certainly make your house feel bigger I am sure.

  2. I like the comment about making his dream come true even before he dreamed it. I think that might be what grandmothering is all about.

  3. The deck looks great and what a BIG little boy Liam is getting to be! Fun to see the photos!