Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello House!

They are all set to begin construction on KK's house tomorrow. Whoo hoo! Soon there will be more than just a door on the back porch and windows in the garage. Soon there will be walls and a roof (and skylights even!)

Happy anniversary co-housing (and welcome additional co-houser!)

When Grandma asked, at dinner, what a happy surprise had been for each of us as a result of the co-housing Liam answered, without hesitation, "Gee Gee" (KK) and I think we all feel the same way. Thanks, Kiddo, for sweeping the deck and loading the dishwasher because it needs to be done. Thank you for walking Duffy and giving great hugs. Thanks for being a good sport about falling off your bike and starting a new school and not having a room of your own yet. Thank you for watching Liam when I need to take a shower and for letting him chase you on the plasma car over and over.

You are a great neice and an awesome cousin. We are all lucky to have you. I love you bunches and bunches (and you are STILL my cuppycake).

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  1. Love this post. The little house didn't arrive today. they start Wednesday because of a broken down truck. K.K., you are a great grand daughter too.