Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life together one year in

Co-housing has been like so many things in my life - exactly what I hoped for and not exactly as I expected. When we planned for Ruth and Chris and Liam to move in and started the process last year, I really didn't think Bob would get an Austin teaching job for this year, and he has. I sure didn't expect K.K. to be living with us, or that we would be working on a little house in the back yard. I also did not have any sense of how verbal and delightful, and fully strongly PRESENT Liam would be in the family. He is so conversant, such an English speaker so early, with preferences and needs and a sense of humor of his own. Last night family dinner was delicious (thank you Chris, and all the more special for being prepared on a long work day when we were all tired), and in the midst of dinner preparation Liam asked for music and Ruth put on They Might be Giants playing songs about science that Bob might use with his sixth graders. K.K., Ruth, Liam and I all got to dancing and Liam was still boogying in his seat as he started to feed himself chicken and black beans. Moments like that fit the feeling of what I hoped from co-housing, but aren't anything I could have exactly expected.

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