Sunday, August 15, 2010

One year of Co-housing

It's been about a year since the Friday night Ruth called me at work and proposed co-housing. It's been a great year, so many shared meals, conversations, the treat
watching Liam grow day by day, word by word, the even deeper treat of his kisses and welcoming hugs and knowing he knows me as a real, daily part of his life. It's been a hard year with Bob having a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism in January and everyone facing career and financial challenges. The group of us has taken a house that was prtty disorganized and cluttered with lots of run down furniture and redundant belongings and turned it into a much more beautiful and orderly home (with a beautiful deck out front, even). Ruth's sense of the aesthetic and hard work, Chris' constant and very effectve eggort and nurturing (including diligent shopping and amazing cooking), and Bob's steadiness and planning abilities have stood us in good stead. Liam, flowering before our eyes, and now K.K. moving in, already in bloom, add so much to family life. I do like the fact of really living in a family again. The transition of Bob back home full time to teach at Andrews has been easier than I expected. We're still a bit overflowing with stuff, but Bob is working harder at minimization than I ever thought he would, and the effect is obvious.I feel a little overwhelmed in my life these days, but I believe the joy of the co-housing counteracts this overwhelm. Bob chose a cookie cake tonight at HEB to celebrate our year together. I wonder what great changes we will experioence in our next year together.

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  1. Happy co-housing anniversary! I enjoyed reading your reflections on the year. I can certainly understand the overwhelm but am glad (and can also understand!) how the joys counteract it. Another exciting transition this year adding KK and having Bob home.