Monday, March 15, 2010

Everybody home

We're settling in for spring break with Bob home. It is so good - a little hectic and crowded, but so good. I do hope that we get our money together to do some enlarging before we are all here all the time. It would be easier not to have to be meticulously neat to avoid losing track of things just because there are still too many things in the space we have when all of us are here. However, the advantage of community, connection, and shared work over ride being a little cramped. We have more personal space, and an extra bathroom, on the family members who shared my grandparent's house before I was born and throughought my ifetime, and so much comfort and luxury on most of the world's people.

A highlight last night was that Bob and I hung out with Ruth and Liam throughout playtime before bed, and he and Bob played and played with balls and blocks (including a wooden ring from Bob's boyhood block collection). It's just so much fun to see Liam develop relationships with each of us, say our names, seek us our - and he's a hoot besides, just so alert and full of fun. His signing and talking are coming along amazingly, making real, if basic, conversations very possible.

And Chris has introduced me to a fun new word "nips and taddies" and to the delicious root vegetables casserole it labels - turnips, rutabagas, ptotatoes - Yum!

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