Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday was one of those magic days - so much got done in such an atmosphere of love and sweetness. You can't count on days like that. Co-housing doesn't produce them, but I do think it makes them more frequent, easier to come by. Components of my great day were Liam's dancing and spinning, his smile and look of recognition aimed straight at me, his freely offered hugs and kisses, Ruth's astute advice regarding my very challenging family history cataloging, rewarding physical work with Ruth in the garden and yard. It is just so much easier to get things done with good natured company. She raked the leaves from K.K's life oak and I put them in the wheel barrow and rolled them (with Liam's help so conscienciously given) to the various compost and mulch locations. We bought and planted a yellow jasmine. Simple things, but so pleasing and restoring.

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  1. Magic indeed, Victoria, and ever so rich. This is truly the stuff of life.