Monday, March 29, 2010

First Passover together

Passover begins tonight. Ruth and Chris and Liam have gone to celebrate Seder with friends they met in the neighborhood - the mom initially interested in Liam's Wee Rider bike seat. WE will have min-seders together on several of the nights of Passover this year, making the holiday our own, as we have tended to do in the past. Today was special for me because we rempoved hametz(puffed up food) from the house as a family. Ruth looked up specifioc rules on the computer, Chris read labels while fixing lunch, Liam and I filled boxes. We aren't super Orthodox, just moved the boxes into the garage and covered them with a sheet. Traditionally we would have sold them to someone not Jewish for a penny or a dollar and restocked after Passover, but we settled for a lesser level of observance. It felt good to do what we did together, as a family, as a household. It felt really different than making the pantry ready alone has in past years. I like being one of a family keeping a tradition.

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  1. I understand the feeling good about being one in a family keeping a tradition. Traditions work best when enjoyed together rather than alone. Blessed Passover to you all.