Tuesday, March 23, 2010


For real now, it is spring - blossoms everywhere. We celebrated Ruth's birthday. Spring break came and went quickly, fun with play in the park, Bob home, baseball games and movies and symphony. Chris has been cooking rutabaga, which is delicious and, to my surprise, yellow when cooked by itself. We're thinking about house changes, maybe a front deck, trying to be sensible about money. A deck would be nice for entertaining and to give us more space for not so much money. Liam loves to be outdoors, so a deck would be good for him too. Decisions are hard. A triumph is that Ruth and I pulled all the beggars' tick weeds out of the yard before they had a chance to make burrs.


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  2. Wish we'd been there for Ruth's birthday!! After all, ya'll gave me the most memorable birthday of my life many years ago!

    Tell Chris we're also having Heidi's rhubarb and strawberries from her garden last year, as a dessert topping :-)