Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris

In a typical family I wouldn't know you the way I do. Even a year ago, when we met several times a month for a meal, went to synagogue together, shared some vacations, I didn't know you nearly the way co-housing allows me to know you. I didn't know you could build a compost enclosure from scratch in the heat, or even that you don't hate the heat. I didn't know you like to sit outside on the patio and read when you cna't sleep or that you rgularly pound out chicken to flatness before serving it with one of your many delicious sauces. I knew you loved Ruth deeply, but I didn't know the daily tenderness with which you look out for her in little and big ways. I knew I liked you, respected you, trusted you, but I didn't know how much, how safe and cared for I feel when you are around. I knew you would be a great Daddy, but I didn't know how enthusiastically you would toss Liam up ointo the air or how tenderly and in what detail you would notice his words, steps, tastes, preferences. Co-housing allows easier deep connection, lets me see so much of you without either of us doing anything extra. I love the gift of this, love our living arrangement, love you. Happy birthday.


  1. Hmmm...shucks...I'm flattered! You have made every birthday since I've known you memorable. I'm spoiled!

  2. Utterly beautiful thoughts expressed, Victoria, and I feel so sure they are well deserved. such a beautiful joining of families.