Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why Co-Housing

Why co-housing? Collaboration, cooperation, conservation, conversations, community, connection, co-inspiration.

Collaboration. Working together. Less work for each. Work more fulfilling because it’s one for all. Raising Liam. Cooking, cleaning, gardening together.

Cooperation. Pulling together on common goals as we seek to make the world a better place.

Conservation. Less energy consumption. Less water consumption. Less consumption of stuff as we share possessions.

Conversations. Any time, talk about politics, books, communication. Genocide, global warming, relationships. More people providing more ideas, more views.

Community. Fostering a sense of togetherness, a sense of family expanded.

Connection. More involvement in more people’s lives.

Co-inspiration. Mutually challenging and supporting each other in spiritual growth.

For me, co-housing is wonderful with the right people, but would not work so well with less compatible persons. Some ingredients needed for me include respect for others’ needs, willingness to compromise, desire for personal growth, engagement in conversations and relationships, and willingness to work. With Ruth and Chris, this is way, way more than met!

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  1. Aww Bob I love you so much. I love the way you wrote this, the thought and the word play. You are such a blessing.

    I havn't figured out how to write about this yet but I've been wanting to so I might as well just go for it here---I realized a few weeks ago, when you didn't come home for the weekend, that I missed you in a way I don't remember missing you before. And I realized how much I'm loving sharing your life in particular in that more intimate "everyday" kind of way.

    I think getting to know you better (and see the ways you love me when my inner little girl has probably always been worried you didn't love me like if I were "REALLY" yours) has been one of the biggest and most life changing gifts (and surprises) of this adventure. Thank you for being the man you are--for living with such openness and honesty and thought. And thank you for treating Chris and me with such trust and integrity. We are blessed.