Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a weekend....

My first birthday as a father. Strange...I had always wanted to start having children before I turned thirty. I want to be able to keep up with my son and his children, after all. I didn't quite get there. But now Liam is here...amazingly here. And my life feels more complete than it ever has (and that is saying something!). I want to always remember the feeling of his little hand on my knee while I was talking to my friends at dinner tonight--looking down at his beaming face as his smile gets even bigger as we play our game...

I have a child! (giggle)

Earlier today, I dressed him in his dragon outfit and took him to my annual gaming convention. He stole the show...dozens of people coming up to say 'hi', inviting us to watch their games so he will stick around. Liam knows how to work a crowd, snuggling up to my neck and pretending to be shy. That always elicits a round of 'oh! isn't that cute!' from his fans. And on Friday, my friend (and father of a 3 month old girl) Steve and I compared baby photos--hard to tell who was prouder. (me, of course!---though I am a bit biased)

Yeah...being a dad is cool.

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