Thursday, December 17, 2009

Continuing to settle in

It's taking us a while and I am impressed by our continuing progress settling into our new lifestyle. Over the last weeks a major outdoor plumbing project was completed (digging up the front yard to replace clogged sewage pipes.) It was terribly expensive and MUDDY, but done now. We have reapportioned space - I think we've got it right now. Liam has the bedroom Bob and I were in, closest to his parent's room and Bob and I have the front bedroom with the wall bed and the built in book shelves, which seems a better match all around. The garage still is partly storage, but is also game room and photo studio. I'm begininning to know where most everything goes, except in my own room which is still in flux. But we'll get there. I haven't felt so in control of space and objects in a really long time. I know I felt like this as a high school girl when I was prepearing to leave home and had all of my belongings in labeled boxes. I was still pretty organized when we moved into this house, and even after the fire when Ruth was three, but somewhere between then and now, especially with the influx of stuff from blending families and inheitance of precious family objects, it just got out of control. It's good to be organized again, but more than that, good to have people who give their opinions and help eith implementation.

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