Thursday, December 3, 2009

Still Giving Thanks

I wish I had written a profoud post closer to the date of our first co-housing Thanksgiving - and Liam's first Thanksgiving on earth. The week of Thanksgiving was rich and busy with travel and talk, the dayhighlighted by a lucious meal Chris mostly cooked (but wow can Joanna do dessert!) A highlight for me was crafts Ruth set up for the kids(and the kids in us). We made turkey with all our family footprints for feathers. He's hanging in the hall and I eventually hope to get his picture posted here.

Thanksgiving, and living isn't seamless here. Three nuclear families, three generations, multiple needs and preferences, lead to complexity. One of the most valuable lessons, as well as one with which I still struggle, is that I can't and it's not my responsibility to make everybody happy all the time. People can work out their own differences and I making myself crazy trying to smooth waters only makes me crazy.

Wee've had our share of minor fall illnesses andare still in appliance hell. Ruth fixed the old dishwasher three times, at least , before we gave up and bought a wonderful new one after Tahnksgiving. now the dryer's sluggish and we still are getting estimates on major plumbing which will require digging under sidewalk and driveway, but NOT under the house as we feared was possible.

However, everything that really needs to work, works. The Hannukah decorations are up. A jigsaw puzzle is in progress on the kitchen table. The garage is way more organized than it's been in twenty years. Liam knows exactly who Bob and I are and toddles joyfully into our room whenever he wants to - arms open, smile on his face. Joanna visits when K.K. has a late rehearsal, sometimes with Andrea, and the two little cousins smile and play. Tonight Andrea fed Liam a piece of garlic bread, much to their mutual delight. It may snow tomorrow, Liam's first snow, sparkling on our co-housing adventure.

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