Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I find writing here much more difficult than I've ever found it to be for any of my other blogs. And I'm not quite sure why--my best guess is that I don't feel like I have anything compelling to say about co-housing. Early on Mom said she thought people would be interested to hear about our experiences and it made sense to me (afterall I LOVE reading accounts of other people's adventures in new ways of doing things--and the idea of seeing it from all directions made sense).

And yet I just don't feel compelled to write. It's easy, it's natural. If I was doing something less natural for me (like say trying to join the raw foods movement--the "RAW-volution") it would be easier for me to come up with new things to say but the truth is at this point it's much more about DOING than reflecting and it's mostly about trying to figure out where to put furniture, what color to paint, etc... and I figure ya'll aren't that interested in that stuff (we'll first I'll try the desk by the window with the crib over by that door, and if I don't like that I'll switch, or maybe that bookshelf that's in the garage over there...?).

I'm loving getting a chance to MAKE a home again but it's more something I'm doing with my hands than anything I can write about here... I'll work on it.

(And now my family is home and I must get back to life).

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  1. I am sure the writing will come - and the photos are wonderful!