Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Unexpected Sweetness

Chris loves me--this I know. I've grown accustomed to his everyday ways of showing me his affection. I still feel warm and tingly whenever he dishes my ice cream or does a chore I could totally do for myself.... it's become a joke in our relationship that Ruth never feeds herself. It's silly but I see it for what it is--my sweet husband showing me he loves me. And I know I'm crazy lucky to have a man who wants to spoil me enough to get up in the middle of watching tv to dish me ice cream, bring me pretzels, or feed whatever ridiculous craving I'm having at the moment.

What I don't always remember (or at least not in that same giddy aren't I lucky kind of a way) is that Bob loves me too.

I don't remember the exact context but the other night we were all debating dessert and I volunteered that Chris (who was in the other room momentarily) would scoop my ice cream when he got back. I totally could have dished up my own vanilla and I realized it was presumptuous so I said something about how I should get it myself. Someone responded that Chris likes to show me his love by serving me which is true (and I was perfectly content to hold the baby and let Chris get it when he came back--who am I to stop the man from showering me with affection?) I didn't even notice what Bob was doing until he handed me a bowl of frozen deliciousness with a big grin on his face but it's been days now and I'm still ticked pink by his sweet gesture and explanation that he was going to love on me before Chris could. How adorable is that?

It's funny how we learn each other's languages of love: I'm guessing Bob learned to love on people from through acts of service by watching his Dad (possibly the single best example I can think of of "service")--and I'm not sure if I picked a man who speaks love in the same language because of Bob. Or if I'm learning to appreciate Bob now more because of Chris? Regardless I'm lucky to have two men who spoil me by taking care of me. And I hope you both know I see it.

So guys: Thank you for munchies and drink fetching. For unloading and loading the dishwasher. For grocery shopping and making sure there are always sodas in the house (and M&Ms on the table! YUM). For handling details and helping life around here run smoother. You are both much appreciated. (I just hope I'm not getting too much more than I give?)

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  1. No way are getting more than you give, both you and Chris! You and Chris are fixing plumbing, electrical, yard, doors, anything needed. You are helping organize kitchen, living room, garaqe, etc, spearheading a healthy paring down of things not needed, passing them on to people who hopefully can use them. You are spiffing up the house with new paint, rugs, furniture, decorations. You have brought Liam joy into the house. I fear I am the one getting too much more than I give, as I can't keep up physically with the work you, Chris, and Victoria do around here.

    And thanks for the appreciation.