Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back in sinus rythm

Bob's hear spontaneously went back into sinus rythm about an hour ago. Apparently this doesn't usually happen and he could have other spells of AFIB, but so far so good. He seems to be feeling pretty good right now, better than early this morning. I think bland hospital food and being constantly poked and messed with is getting tohim a little. I am still holding out in terms of relief for the results of the echocardiogram from yesterday. There will be no more new tests as far as we know. That's a relief for me. I know medical tests are our friends, often save our lives, but I have an irrationally hard time with anxiety while waiting for results and have been known to yell that I HATE medical tests, which really isn't true. I want those I love to get the best care and I'm aware of the importance of tests in this.

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