Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sabbath again - reflection

Exhausting week - productive week. We made great progress toward getting out of our storage unit (lowered expense and a move toward not having more than we need), saw Liam through the delight of his graduation from the baby "Bug" class at Little Gym, passed the major milestone of closing on Joanna's house -gone that worry, and really streamlined the garage space for studio and computer desks as well as storage of things like holiday decorations. Ruth and I both like seasonal decorating, and materials for that are things we've chosen to keep. A jouy of this week is that Bob managed well his first week back in the classroom after his illness. We miss him this weekend, especially missed him at the Shabbat table.

The week ended sweetly. I came home from work a little before dusk to Chris in the kitchen preparing a feast up to his usual high standards. If you haven't tried cauliflower mashed potatoes you should - also grapefruit in your dinner salad. While he cooked, I straightened up week debris, put toys away, and Ruth and I sorted mail, finished the mundane of the week. I felt good about cleaning as Chris cooked, taking out the compost and the recycling, working mindfully, not rushing After Sabbath dinner and questions (Ruth's great new tradition), I finished cleaning the kithchen while Chris nd K.K. worked on her history review at the kitchen table. Yheyu continued working and then chatted while I wrote on my computer in my room and Ruth nursed Liam in his room. This sounds so simple, but it is so sweet, the kind of family life I missed when we were all living in nuclear families. It just seemed so right, the teacher helping the student, plenty of hands for the work, a shared sense of proper FridayI should be on my computer) but the spirit of set apart time is sacred and healing for me, however we handle the definition and the details. There is something so tender about beloved, week weary faces in candle glow, and the quietness of a house dedicated to winding down to simplicity for a little while, or resting and loving together. it feels so different from week nights.

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