Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Day (same diagnosis)

Bob is having a harder morning--less himself according to my mom. We're all thankful he's in the care of the doctors and nurses instead of on his own somewhere (scary to think that the docs were saying Bob could have just dropped dead anytime in the last few days from this!)

Mom and I have been spending most of our talk time working on details of closing the practice for the week but I did get from her that they've done a CAT scan of Bob's legs and (the tech was not supposed to tell them this but) he does have clots in his legs.

The doctors seem to believe that Bob is genetically predisposed toward clotting and are considering genetic testing to prove the hypothesis (But Bob is wondering if they should bother given that the info won't change treatment for him and he will not be having any more kids and we aren't genetically related to him so the grandbabes are not at risk)

Mom seems less scared (waiting for test results is always the hardest part for her--now that they know it's easier).

It's strange to say, with such a potentially serious medical issue, that we're not worried--but for the time being (while he's with doctors at least) I don't think we are.

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  1. Oh no, regading clots in legs. Hope that the blood thinners are able to dissolve them. I will check back later to see if there is any more news.