Monday, January 4, 2010

new and improved update (now with actual information)

Bob called again to update me. My renewed list of "what I know" follows: (be aware that details may be screwy)

  • He has "spray"s of small pulmonary embolisms in both lungs
  • They think the embolisms may have caused the a-fib
  • They did an echo cardiogram and will be doing more tests on his heart to look for clots there (because clots in the heart go to the brain and that is BAD!)
  • They are taking it slow because they don't want to dislodge any clots that could be in his heart (again--trying to avoid the capital B-A-D)
  • He is feeling much better now (oxygen is GOOD)
  • He will be on cumadin (spelling?) for the foreseeable future
  • They are looking into causes (maybe genetic?)
  • They are projecting 3-5 days in the hospital followed by home rest with him back to work in two weeks (though I'm unclear if that is two weeks from now or two weeks of recovery--I'm guessing the later?)

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