Sunday, January 24, 2010

Farmer's Market and parting with stamp collection

When I was in late elementary school through high school I collected stamps and I loved it - the clipping, soaking, categorizing, storing. I remember many happy hours moving stamps with tweezers, finding their places in albums, carefully storing duplicates. My active participation in this hobby waned in college, but I still enjoyed the albums. I hoped my kids or grand kids would pick up my fascination, but they just didn't. I guess Liam or Andrea or even one of the bigger grands still could - but I'm tired of storing the stamps and they just don't do for me what they did before - we change, interests, needs. That should be a nobrainer but it's taken me 59 years to get a slippery grasp on the concept. So today I spent the afternoon with my collection, last time - priced a bunch of items on eBay and found I have some good stamps but nothing of earth shaking value, so we've contacted a dealer to give us a bid. Feels good. Stamp collecting is moving out.

What's moved in is Saturday mornings at the Farmer's market with Liam and Ruth and Chris, choosing foods and spending time among people interested in sustainable living, greenness, ecokosher, whatever you want to call it - and just plain farm folk. I loved seeing a man a apparently in his seventies, in overalls
and practical hat, swaying and foot tapping to the same folksy music that had Liam up dancing. Three legged races being announced, introducing ourselves to
families with babies Liam's age, getting to know some of the farm families including hearing in detail the motor development of five month old Leay whose father grows green garlic right now and amazing peppers in summer, overhearing comments like "Last night when I went down to the barn..." said totally matter of factly....all of that just felt really really good even though
I am a city girl. And tomorrow I'll fix lamb and parsnips the way the farmer who sold the lamb does it for his family, that is if I have the sense to go to bed so I can get up to do it.

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